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About Us

At New Heights Learning, Stefanie Goldenberg, also known as “The Essay Lady,” specializes in helping students create standout essays. Her personalized approach ensures that each student’s unique voice and story shines through. With extensive experience in admissions guidance, essay writing and comprehension, Stefanie provides the tools and insights necessary to elevate a student’s written work. She helps kids to not only deepen their understanding, but to get excited about writing.  Let Stefanie and New Heights Learning be your partner in achieving academic excellence.

New Heights Learning

Application Essays

Admissions essays are our specialty. We know how to strike that balance between insightful and age-appropriate writing. No admissions officer wants to read an essay that has the clear mark of a tutor. We love helping eager applicants set themselves apart with outstanding essays that strike a personal chord.
We support but are not limited to:

• Common Application Essay

• Supplemental Essays

• Independent School Admission Essays

• Nyc Department of Education High School Application Essays

• Graduate School Admission Personal Statements

New Heights Learning
New Heights Learning

Writing Support

Want to become a better writer? We can help you with that. Reading and writing are the bedrocks of learning across subject areas. Knowing stuff is awesome, but understanding how to communicate ideas is divine!

• Individual Assignments, Academic Papers, Projects

• Test Prep

• Brainstorming

• Creating a Thesis

• Fluency

• Organization

• Transitions

• Grammar/punctuation

• Tackling "Blank Page" Syndrome

Homework Help

Homework can be rough. As parents and educators, we understand. We are here to get you through it! A little organization and motivation can go a long way in knocking it off the list.

New Heights Learning
New Heights Learning

Reading Support (Improve Skills, Test Prep, Enrichment)

Take your reading comprehension and appreciation for literature to the next level.

When parents ask me what is the one thing they can do to help their child improve…my answer is simple: Read. Read. Read. In addition, to improve as a reader, deep and critical thinking about the text is paramount.

• Test Prep (Ela, Shsat, Isee, Hspt, Tsachs, Ssat, Etc.)

• Annotating the Text

• Reading Responses

• Note-taking

• Stop and Think Questions

• Character Analysis

• Themes, Symbols, Imagery, Tone, Voice

New Heights Learning

Our Videos

Learn from our library of instructional videos where we share invaluable strategies and habits straight from the best.

We hope you can use this sight as a resource to better serve your educational journey and get you one step closer to where you want to be.

Happy learning!

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Explore articles and posts from experts in the field where we share our invaluable insights from literacy skills to best practices.

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Stefanie made me a stronger writer by working with me on grammar, word choice, and conciseness. Her feedback was invaluable, and I feel fortunate for her assistance.

An eleventh grader at The Museum School

Stefanie was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive and provided great edits and ideas for my son's essays. She is extremely dedicated. As an educator and parent, I highly recommend her.

Mother of eleventh grader

Stefanie is very caring, helpful, attentive to details. She makes me feel accomplished in my writing. I like that her schedule is flexible too.

an eighth grader at Yorkville East Middle School

"My time working with Stefanie was wonderful - we were able to make the most of our sessions together. She was able to help me write awesome supplements that were full of my voice and anecdotes by talking through my writing in storytelling. Despite the stress of college applications, she was able to guide me through the process and make it manageable and even fun."

A junior at Emory University