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Application Essays

Admissions essays are our specialty. We know how to strike that balance between insightful and age-appropriate writing. No admissions officer wants to read an essay that has the clear mark of a tutor. We love helping eager applicants set themselves apart with outstanding essays that strike a personal chord.

We support but are not limited to:

  • Common Application Essay
  • Supplemental Essays
  • Independent School Admission Essays
  • NYC Department of Education High School Application Essays
  • Graduate School Admission Personal Statements

Writing Support

Want to become a better writer? We can help you with that. Reading and writing are the bedrock of learning across subject areas. Knowing stuff is awesome, but understanding how to communicate ideas is divine!

  • Individual Assignments, Academic Papers, Projects
  • Test Prep
  • Brainstorming
  • Creating a Thesis
  • Fluency
  • Organization
  • Transitions
  • Grammar/Punctuation
  • Tackling "Blank Page" Syndrome

Homework Help

Homework can be rough. As parents and educators, we understand. We are here to get you through it! A little organization and motivation can go a long way in knocking it off the list.

New Heights Learning
New Heights Learning

Reading Support (Improve Skills, Test Prep, Enrichment)

Take your reading comprehension and appreciation for literature to the next level.

When parents ask me what is the one thing they can do to help their child improve…my answer is simple: Read. Read. Read. In addition, to improve as a reader, deep and critical thinking about the text is paramount.

  • Test Prep (Ela, Shsat, Isee, Hspt, Tsachs, Ssat, Etc.)
  • Annotating the Text
  • Reading Responses
  • Note-Taking
  • Stop and Think Questions
  • Character Analysis
  • Themes, Symbols, Imagery, Tone, Voice